Moving Labor Service in St Louis MO

St Louis Moving Labor

Our Moving Labor Service Includes

  • Loading / Unloading of Rental Trucks
  • Loading / Unloading of Pods
  • Loading / Unloading of Storage Units
  • Loading / Unloading of ABF Trailers

All moving labor services have a 2 hour minimum.

Moving Help

St Louis Moving Labor


Are you looking for a reputable Moving Labor service to Load & Unload your Rented Moving Truck, POD, Trailer or Storage Unit?

Then look no further! We can provide the professional moving help that you need!

Unfortunately many people that try to move themselves end up finding out the hard way that its much more than they bargained for.

At Rent A Vet Movers we offer many different service options to meet your needs but our St Louis Moving Labor service has become one of the most popular with our customers.

Our Moving Labor service is a wonderful option for our budget savvy customers. With this option you have more control over the final cost because you are able to shop around for the cheapest rates for a moving truck. You provide the truck, we provide the labor.

Moving trucks aren’t too difficult to drive but they can be somewhat overwhelming for individuals that are not used to driving larger vehicles

When it comes to moving, packing and unpacking can be the most time consuming parts of a DIY move but the loading and unloading are easily the most physically demanding parts of the job. Don’t risk injuring yourself or damaging your goods. Let the professionals handle it. Instead you can focus on the rest of the to do items related to the move.

Join the hundreds of customers that have taken advantage of the affordability and convenience of our Moving Labor service. You will be impressed with our speed, attention to detail and our commitment to excellence. Don’t settle for just anyone when it comes to Moving Labor. You owe it to yourself to go with the Best! And the best is Rent A Vet Movers.

Our Moving Labor service is very flexible and we are able to accommodate small to large jobs from loading and unloading PODS, loading and unloading rental trucks and sometimes our customers simply call us out to move a few pieces of furniture from one end of the house to another.

Our moving labor option is not just limited to furniture and large bulky items. We have also been hired by various companies, non for profits and churches to provide moving labor for event setups and tear downs and other warehousing type jobs. We are very versatile and can handle whatever you need. Simply give us a call.

Moving labor involves hiring a couple of strong hands to load and unload your valuables onto and off your rental moving truck, storage container and or unit so you don’t have to. They’ll pack, load, unload, and unpack your belongings, keeping you from having to deal with all the hassle of moving. Packing is done by professionals who are used to dealing with all kinds of property, which means that your chances of your items getting to their new home safer are high. Hiring professionals can also save you a lot of time, and potential injuries. It’s easier and more convenient than driving a large moving truck yourself, especially if you’re inexperienced. If your belongings are damaged, your movers are liable for that damage.

Why hire a professional moving labor service in St Louis Missouri?

Our hectic lives and busy schedules give us little time to devote to preparing for a move and all the details involved. You need to plan a move, but are wondering if you should hire professionals or move on your own?

Improvise yourself as a mover?

Every year, many people improvise themselves as movers… Of course, you can organize and carry out your move yourself. But is it worth it? Is that to your advantage? Are you trying too hard for something a mover would do by shouting scissors, or can you take care of it all easily?

It is essential to properly assess the issue in order to make the right decision. And when you choose movers, you must choose your moving company carefully. However, there are solutions available to make your life easier and move in the blink of an eye.

That’s where Our company in St Louis Missouri comes to the rescue! Its professional and efficient high-end service allows you to take full advantage of this important moment and lighten your workload according to your needs, budget and availability. Turnkey, custom-made, short-term or long-term storage of goods, Our company in St Louis Missouri has the answer to everything.

Are you interested in moving to St Louis Missouri with a professional moving company?

Should you hire professional movers in St Louis Missouri?
To help you make a decision, first establish:
-The distance to be covered.
-The size of the truck you’ll need:
-The availability and reliability of the people around you, those who could help you;
-The time you have to spend on your move.
Benefits of hiring professional movers in St Louis Missouri
Hiring movers for a turnkey service in St Louis Missouri can be an excellent idea. Not convinced? Our company in St Louis Missouri tells you about these notable advantages!

1. Time saving
If you don’t have enough time, it may be wise to hire a moving company. A professional company will save you time and energy.
Even though you will still have to supervise the removal team, being there on the day of your departure, you won’t have to put your hands on it. So you can open your boxes, clean your new nest and put your things in the places you want to have peace of mind without stress.

2. The equipment
Professional movers are already fully equipped to take on all the tasks and challenges that a move can bring with it. No corridor is too small, no couch or refrigerator is too big to cope with their patience. They know how to transport boxes safely, without damaging your home. They take advantage of the right equipment to carry out all types of projects, including:

From ramps;
Cover and equipment to protect your belongings; Trucks.
Consequently, you will save on the rental or purchase of these sometimes expensive tools.

3. Moving insurance
When properly insured, professional movers, such as Our company in St Louis Missouri, cover the risks associated with moving, such as theft or breakage of objects. When using a moving company, it is important to find out about this aspect of the service first.

All credible companies will provide you with insurance coverage. While some will offer you Protection at an agreed-upon value, the basic insurance that would pay you about sixty cents per pound of damaged equipment, others will suggest Protection at a replacement value, which could pay you up to ten dollars per pound of damaged equipment. Practical when you have valuable furniture and equipment!

4. The truck
Movers are used to driving large trucks over long distances. A move is enough of a hassle to add a more serious collision or accident with the moving truck.

If you’re planning to rent a truck, know that you’ll have to:
Have a licence to drive the heavy vehicle you have rented; and
Find out about the laws and regulations that govern the operation and rental of these vehicles;
Find out what insurance coverage you will need on the day of the move, if there is a problem with the truck, on the road or when you are parked.
Plan spaces at your departure and destination locations where you can park the truck. You may also need to ask your municipality to lend you signs that you will need to install in these areas to ensure that you have adequate, secure and large enough space.

Whether you move from an apartment to a house; The movers take care of everything. They’re more specific:
-Packing and unpacking of your goods;
-Loading and unloading your assets;
-Transport, disassembly and assembly of your furniture;
-Obtaining appropriate insurance for the security of your possessions.
You obviously have to pay for the necessary moving materials, such as boxes, carpets and blankets, finally, everything you need for a successful move.

Whether you are in the St Louis Missouri area, Our company in St Louis Missouri is the answer to all your questions and worries, at a good price and without having to compromise on the quality and reliability of the service.

What is a customized move?
In addition to the top-of-the-range turnkey service offered by Our company in St Louis Missouri, it is also possible to obtain a service adapted to your needs, that is, tailor-made service. You will share tasks with the removal team according to your needs and requirements.
The most common custom-made move option is the one where you pack and unpack your belongings while the movers load, drive and unload the truck once at the new home.
It is also possible to hire movers to manage only your heavy furniture. You’ll take care of everything else. See which formula suits you best!

In the context of a move, talking to a professional is the ideal solution. Such a specialist has the necessary know-how to identify your real needs and propose the best adapted solutions. There is a wide variety of companies on the market that specialize in this field. And making the right choice isn’t always easy. It is therefore necessary to use tactfulness in order to be able to offer the services of a mover who is able to offer services with an excellent value for money. What are the main criteria to consider when choosing a moving specialist?

The interest of certifications
When you want to be accompanied by a professional during your move, you must absolutely avoid improvisation and start by asking for several moving quotations. You must ask for certain guarantees or rather verify certain information before committing yourself. It is therefore important to ensure that the company with which you wish to work has the necessary certifications in this field. This includes the ISO 9001 standard, which guarantees regular checks of the mover’s compliance with current regulations. It is also important to ensure that the removal company you are applying for is NF certified. This means that the mover in question offers very good quality services. Finally, it must be verified that the structure contacted is ISO 14000 certified. According to the regulations in force, all companies with such certification are those that offer services in strict compliance with environmental standards.

Find out what insurance coverage you will need on the day of the move, if there is a problem with the truck, on the road or when you are parked. Plan spaces at your departure and destination locations where you can park the truck. You may also need to ask your municipality to lend you signs that you will need to install in these areas

The criterion of the price of the move
In order to carry out your removal project with a very good value for money, it is essential to make sure that the mover consults you in order to make sure that the moving company is able to offer you the best prices. To do this, you must request an estimate from at least 4 companies specialized in moving. It is a fairly effective way to study in detail the proposals of each company. For the price of your move, you must take into account the distance and quality of the equipment used to move and transport certain precious objects such as the piano for example. It should also be noted that movers are obliged to post the prices of their various services on their premises. Please make sure that the price of labour, the cost of renting small equipment and the price of transport by volume are mentioned.

Insurance and technical inspection, two points to watch out for

The risks of theft or loss of your equipment during the move are real. This is why you must make sure that your mover has taken out insurance to cover any damage. Usually, you only need to request copies of contracts. Most often, these are contracts with the same guarantees as those required by a transport company. In the same context of reducing the risks associated with your move, it is essential to check that the trucks that will be used by the mover have all been inspected without exception. This is a fairly important point because we must be sure that operations will be carried out on time, especially if perishable objects or products are transported. To avoid unnecessary losses in the event of a breakdown, you must request the technical inspection papers. And in principle, if the mover you are contacting is up to date on this level, he or she will not find it inconvenient to show you the documents in question.

Which mover type to choose?
In order to carry out your move project successfully, the choice of the type of mover is just as decisive, as the type of trip you choose: groupage or special trip. Be aware that there is legislation governing the mover’s trade. For long distances, you must choose the national moving chains. Such companies have the advantage of providing you with a quality and important workforce. In addition, a company that belongs to this category has a large selection of vehicles. This allows you to find satisfaction whatever the nature of the objects and equipment to be transported. In addition to their very high availability, the national moving chains have considerable experience in the removal field. This will allow you to benefit from quality services at very affordable prices. They offer solid guarantees that allow you to move with confidence. For short distances, you can call on a local mover who generally provides friendly and friendly staff.

In short, there is not just one element, but many to consider when choosing a good mover. Competition is fierce in this area and you must take advantage of this situation by comparing the offers of the various companies in detail before committing yourself. Vigilance must be maintained to avoid unpleasant surprises. That is why it is important to take the time to carry out the necessary checks.

It is true that hiring moving professionals can be expensive, but there are several advantages to doing so.

Time saving
Moving with a pro saves you an invaluable amount of time. The latter has experience, mastered his trade and will be able to pack and unpack your business in a short time. Depending on the formula chosen, the professional cannot disassemble your furniture and make them pass through the windows with a basket, which will save you more time.

A better organization
The key to a successful move is good organization. A professional will be able to show you the steps to follow, the objects to pack first, what to put at the bottom of the boxes, what to leave for the end.

Choose from several formulas
When you use a moving company, you can choose between several options. You can choose the complete package, from packing to unpacking your belongings and assembling your furniture in your new home. You can also opt for a simple transport service. Do not hesitate to ask for several quotes to compare and choose the formula that offers the most advantages in terms of services and rates.

Reduce stress
It is obvious that moving can be a source of anxiety for some people. Entrusting this mission to professionals avoids the possible worries caused by this event and therefore reduces the stress and anxiety associated with it.

No need for moving materials and boxes
If you choose a full package, you won’t need to buy or pick up boxes or moving supplies. These are made available to customers.

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